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Patrice Cols Actor on His Life & Training For Recent Role in Nicolas Cage Film USS Indianapolis

Patrice Cols is a french guy who has been humbled by his life’s circumstances and people that have come into his life along the way. He has a tough-guy appearance with his built physique, his love of motorcycle, but Patrice Cols is actually a funny and sincere guy who appreciates close friends and the positive influences that have helped guide him in the right direction. Born in Paris, Patrice Cols was raised half the time in an orphanage and half the time by his ailing grandparents. He aspired to become a baker at a French boulanger-patisserie school, but meeting someone at age 14 gradually steered Patrice Cols in a positive direction, away from his small life in a bad neighborhood.

When they met his friend was 45, but had been diagnosed at 18 with muscular myopathy and wasn’t expected to live past 30. He encouraged Patrice Cols to improve his own life with exercise, telling him that he was only alive because of his strict exercise regimen. Patrice Cols told him that he would love to go to the gym, but admitted he could barely afford to eat every month. This friend already had a family, but he was determined to invest his time into helping Patrice Cols change his life. He told him he would pay for the gym, food and supplements every day until he could begin to manage his life on his own.

After about three years, Patrice Cols began to compete with the help of his friend, winning “Mr. France” at age 18 and placing 2nd in the world championship at age 19. The first time he brought his friend to his competition in the world championship, his friend told Patrice that he had achieved his dream for him. After some time, at about age 25, Patrice Cols became world champion, but his friend passed away a month before this accomplishment. Patrice Cols buried his bodybuilding career with his friend, and the devastation at the loss drove him back down the wrong path. He worked as a bouncer at a seedy nightclub, where he went through a period of fighting and spending time with dangerous people. After being shot twice, Patrice Cols realized he needed to change his life again. He began modeling for magazines and attended to school in Los Angeles and later Paris for acting, which fueled his acting career.

Patrice Cols aka Anton Tokarev movie
Patrice Cols J.P the Marine Uss Indiannapolis movie











I discovered you in the Tokarev movie. Your character was so aggressive and wild.

And I saw U.S.S. Indianapolis, where you played the American Marine J.P. Could you tell me more about it?

Patrice Cols : My character was very wild in the Tokarev movie, and I was very happy to do this action movie with Nicolas Cage .

When I got the script from the writer of U.S.S. Indianapolis Cam Canon and Richard Rionda del Castro , I was very honored that the producer thought of me to play this role.

I met Mario van Peeple , the director, who gave me some directions for my character.

Could you tell me more about how the atmosphere was on the set ?

Patrice Cols : At the beginning, one week before filming, the production organized a get-together that allowed the characters to get to know each other better.

After spending one day on the water, on the set, we were like brothers.

And the atmosphere was very heavy, because there were some survivors of the tragedy who were watching the filming.

Mario was very attentive to everybody. He made a lot of jokes to make everyone feel more comfortable/relaxed in this situation.

Could you tell me about JP, your character? There were only a couple of marines, and the rest were sailors ?
Patrice Cols: there were only five or six marines. And the other guys were very young, 18 and 20 years old.
JP and the other marines were there to keep the boat safe. It was the boat that carried out a secret operation to deliver the bomb.

JP and the other marines were there to keep the ship safe. It was the ship that carried out a secret operation to deliver the bomb.

Could you speak more about yourself, being a French actor, working in the U.S.?

Patrice Cols : I became an actor 15 years ago. I attended some French drama and acting schools.
After that, I went to the Actor’s Studio in the U.S.
At the same time, I was working on some French films.
I was lucky that an American producer contacted me, and wanted to work with me.

Now I am living between Los Angeles and Paris.
I saw some reports about your interest in motorcycles. Could you tell me more about that?

Patrice Cols: Yes, it’s one of my passions. When I’m not filming, I like to take long road trips on my Bobber Harley Davidson, with other friends, around Europe.

It’s very nice and relaxing to be with other brothers, sharing the road, cigars, wine and sleeping in tents.
And sometimes we go hiking through the mountains for a couple of days.

Last year, we crossed Spain on our motorcycles.

We walked along the St. James’ way the years before , its was really emotional experience , hope to do that again if I can this years ….

I see that you have some passions that are not so common, but you are living life to the fullest.

Do you have any plans for future movies?

Patrice Cols: first of all, I have some proposals to do some American movies, as well as a French series, possibly next year.

Thanks for this interview, Patrice Cols. It was very nice to meet you.
If anyone would like more information about Patrice, the following is a link to his website: http://www.patricecols.com

Patrice Cols Actor by Stephane Hervé


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