Up To the minute Patrice Cols has been cast as Sergeant JP in the upcoming film USS Indianapolis


Patrice Cols  has been cast as Sergeant JP  in the upcoming film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, based on the true story of the American warship sunk by a Japanese sub in the Philippine Sea in the closing weeks of World War II. 900 crewmen survived, but were left stranded in shark-infested waters. With the Navy unaware the ship had been lost, the sailors awaited rescue for more than three days. Nearly 600 of the survivors died before help arrived, the majority under circumstances right out of a horror film as they were picked off one at a time by sharks. Cols will play Sergeant JP   A US Navy Sergeant  from the Gulf Coast. From Hannibal Classics film, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is directed by Mario Van Peebles and written by Cam Cannon and Richard Rionda Del Castro. Castro also serves as a producer. Shooting is startsJune 2015 in Mobile, Alabama.